Dave Draper and Ntshuks Bonga

Dave Draper: guitar and electronics
Ntshuks Bonga: alto and soprano saxophone, clarinet and bass clarinet

Dave Draper is a London based guitarist who has combined a lifelong interest in African music with an enthusiasm for new technology to create his own style. He sometimes performs under the moniker Invisible String Quartet.

Ntshuks Bonga is a South African born saxophonist who has collaborated with a wide range of musicians, including Louis Moholo, Maggie Nicols, Robyn Hitchcock and Lydia Lunch!

The pair have played together in countless settings over the last 20 years or so, ranging from Dave’s large African China Pig Orchestra to the duo we will see on this night. They have also recorded together, producing the CD Snow in November.

Allen Strachnid
Dave Allen: guitar
Al Strachan: cornet and electronics
Two Safehouse stalwarts squeeze out some new sounds.


The Wildcard Quartet

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