Alan Wilkinson, Steve Noble and John Edwards

Alan Wilkinson: reeds
Steve Noble: drums
John Edwards: double bass

This explosive trio play a roaring kind of free jazz that brings to mind both the celebration music of Albert Ayler and the guttural wailing of Peter Brötzmann. The group formed by accident when Lol Coxhill was unable to make a gig with Noble and Edwards at London’s Flim Flam night, and they clearly found something in each other as they have been playing ever since. They have released two albums on the Bo’Weavil label – Obliquity and Live at Cafe Oto.

“This trio is defined by live performance. The relationship between the three, fused into an innate musical understanding through constant exposure to one another in the fiery amphitheatre of improvisation, driven by their individuality, bursts into fissive conflagration in live performance.” – Bo’Weavil

Tickets are available online here


Ron Caines: saxophone
Gus Garside: double bass
Tony Gill: drums


The Wildcard Quartet

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