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Roland Ramanan: trumpet
Roberto Sassi: electric guitar
Tom Greenhalgh: drums

Note venue change: this show will now be held at the Cowley Club, rather than the Open House.

Improvisation lies at the heart of Vole’s music but always framed within compositions that bring to bear their experiences of playing art-rock, groove-improv, punk, funk and jazz.

“By turns floating, funking and punking out, Vole stuff a range of influences and compositional devices into an improvised funnel and let them splatter all over the audience.” – Vortex Jazz Club

Take a listen to their excellent new album, due for release in November:


Dan Powell: small objects
Chris Parfitt: soprano sax and more objects
Their performance at this year’s Supernormal festival had everyone smiling ear-to-ear, so let’s see what they conjure up next.


The Wildcard Quartet