Monthly Archives: January 2013

HEIMWEH + Alberto Popolla / Noel Taylor

Alberto Popolla: bass & soprano clarinets
Alessandro Salerno: baritone guitar
Francesco Lo Cascio: vibraphone
Mario Paliano: drums, percussion

This evening’s groups are drawn from the Franco Ferguson Collective, an improvising movement based in Italy. They get together in Rome every month at a club called Fanfulla, and the musicians play in improvised groups of 4 or 5, playing short sets through the night. It’s a little like an Italian version of Safehouse, but with better light shows.

Heimweh is the German for ‘homesick’. Here they are playing in a nightclub in Rome:


Alberto Popolla: alto & soprano clarinet
Noel Taylor: soprano & bass clarinet

“One of the most delightful wind duos I’ve heard for a long time” – Joe Higham, The Free Jazz Collective


The Wildcard Quartet
At the end of every Safehouse open session four members are picked at random to form a one-off quartet to play at the show at the end of the month. This is them.

Note: This will be held at our new venue – upstairs at Good Companions pub, 132 Dyke Road, Brighton BN1 3TE.