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Hannah Marshall / Lauren Kinsella / Nick Malcolm + Static Memories

Hannah Marshall: cello
Lauren Kinsella: voice
Nick Malcolm: trumpet

A trio of musicians who have built up incredible technique from their backgrounds in classical music and jazz, and are able to feed this into an energy-driven form of improv.

Hannah Marshall is a renowned improvising cellist. She began with classical studies, then found inspiration in John Stevens’ book Search & Reflect and has been exploring the outer reaches of cello technique ever since. She plays all over the world and regularly collaborates with musicians such as Fred Frith, Steve Beresford, Kay Grant, Roger Turner, Evan Parker and many more.

Award winning Irish vocalist Lauren Kinsella spent time studying in Ireland, India, Sweden and Switzerland before moving to London in 2010.

“Kinsella has a complete system of sounds and ideas working for her. And its brilliance lies in the way she blends it with the instruments around her.” – Jazzwise

Lauren Kinsella, a bold and clever Dublin lass who vocalises the weirdest word-jazz you’ve ever heard.” – Jack Massarik London Evening Standard

Nick Malcolm has worked with musicians as diverse as Roger Turner, Gail Brand, Dominic Lash and Shabaka Hutchings and last year toured the UK with British Folk stars Eliza Carthy and Jim Moray.

“…fierce musical intelligence…” – Jazzwise


Static Memories

Dan Powell: laptop / guitar / sampler / effects
Gus Garsdie: double bass / electronics

Dan Powell and Gus Garside have been working together as Static Memories since 2007. They recently performed at the Dome Studio, with dancer Mirei Yazawa.


The Wildcard Quartet
At the end of every Safehouse open session four members are picked at random to form a one-off quartet to play at the show at the end of the month. This is them.