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Roland Ramanan / Tom Jackson / Daniel Thompson

This London based improvising trio formed in February 2012, playing their first gig in a church with a very beautiful and complex acoustic – they instantly felt there was great potential the configuration and have played regularly since. They enjoy the freedom afforded by the separate acoustic spaces of their instruments and their complimentary musical personalities to make a music full of vibrant interaction.

Their first CD is called Zubeneschamali and is available on Leo Records.

Tom Jackson is a highly accomplished clarinettist and saxophonist based in London and works in the fields of contemporary classical and free improvisation; performing throughout Europe and beyond.

Like Tom, guitarist Daniel Thompson is a key figure amongst the up and coming generation of improvisers in London. Following a life changing period of study with legendary guitarist John Russell he now performs regularly in London and Europe and is an important organiser of concerts.

Roland Ramanan is one of the most highly regarded trumpet players on the London improvised music scene and has performed with Evan Parker and Peter Brotzmann.


Gus Garside: double bass
Annie Kerr: violin
Kev Moore: electronics


Wildcard Quartet