Monthly Archives: January 2015

Trio Rewind + 1

Noel Taylor: clarinet + bass clarinet
Tom Wheatley: double bass
Andrew Lisle : drums
Satoko Fukuda: violin

Clarinetist Noel Taylor last performed at Safehouse two years ago with the Italian group Heimweh – it’s good to welcome hime back with Trio Rewind. Noel explains the name thus:

“Why ‘rewind’? Because we have a willingness to look back as well as forward. And a willingness to inspect and reflect on how we work together. We try different approaches of playing – sometimes very abstract, sometimes a little melodic, sometimes with a reference to jazz chords or rhythms, sometimes playing in parallel to each other, sometimes with a free jazz feel, or sometimes touching rhythmic patterns from different types of popular music : folk, Latin American etc. – and often – layering more than one of these things together.”

In this version the Trio are joined by improvising violinist Satoko Fukuda, who used to be a regular at Safehouse back when it was based at The Open House.


Improvising violin/ guitar/ other-ist, Hákarl is the solo project of West Country born but Brighton-based Kev Nickells. Hákarl is sometimes one and sometimes many. Recent shows have included an improvised covers set for Splitting the Atom, a 12 hour performance at the Coach House (with the Carousel Collective/ Adam Bushell/ Nil), an evening of John Cage compositions at Brighton Unitarian Church and performing the graphic scores of Lama Dalai at Supernormal festival Oxfordshire – the same festival at which he performed for 36 non-stop hours in 2011.


Wildcard Quartet
At the end of every Safehouse open session four members are picked at random to form a one-off quartet to play at the show at the end of the month. This is them.