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Colin Webster / Andrew Lisle / Alex Ward


Colin Webster is known for his duos with drummer Mark Holub, and turntablist Graham Dunning, as well as performing with the Dutch free jazz/noise trio Dead Neanderthals.

Alex Ward has collaborated with Derek Bailey, he has his own powerhouse trio N.E.W. with Steve Noble and John Edwards and his duo with Jem Doulton.

Andrew Lisle has worked with improvisors Daniel Thompson and Seymour Wright, and plays in Roland Ramanan’s Tentet and punk-improv band Shatner’s Bassoon.

“a ridiculous but very listenable conversation…” – Something Else


Kev Nickells: violin
Chris Parfitt: sax, flute
Alistair Strachan: cornet, electronics


Wildcard Quartet:
Sara Jane Glendinning: clarinet
Z*qhygoem: guitar, fx
Ron Caines: sax
Monty Oxymoron: keyboards