Monthly Archives: October 2015

Foils + Aeolipile

Mark Sanders: drums
John Edwards: double bass
Frank Paul Schubert: soprano sax
Matthias Muller: trombone


“This avalanche in the canyon of free jazz comes from a musical liaison between Germany and UK, the favourable meeting between the excellent wind Berlin-based duo by Frank Paul Schubert, whose empathy with his soprano saxophone and the other elements of the band has a dynamite shape on this record, and Matthias Muller on trombone, and John Edwards (bass) and Mark Sanders (a real octopus on drums!), two brilliant improvisers from the vibrant English scene.

This fourtet gave rise to two impressive sessions of so instinctively head-banging and constantly spinning free-jazz that you might wonder what kind of power pill they swallowed to blast their musical energy: the two impressive sessions on ‘The Jersey lily’… sometimes sound like a proper battle between the two duets (Bass Vs Drums and Trombone Vs Soprano Saxophone!), which scrambled their instruments by means of an overwhelming roller coaster of sounds, techniques and musical scuffles for more than 75 incendiary minutes….” from Creative Sources website.


Full-throttle free-jazz head rush from Jason Williams (Hysteresis) on sax, Tom Roberts (Bolide/Infinite Gaaah) on bass and Andy Pyne (Kellar/Map 71/Medicine & Duty et al) on drums.

Plus – the Wildcard Quartet