Monthly Archives: April 2016

Kodian Trio

Andrew Lisle: drums
Dirk Serries: electric guitar
Colin Webster: alto and baritone saxophone

Andrew Lisle, Dirk Serries and Colin Webster first played together as members of a quartet with Amsterdam-based saxophone player John Dikeman and recorded a Live at Cafe Oto album that appeared on Webster’s Raw Tonk Records. As a trio they now have a studio album out – it’s called ‘I’, and it’s on 180 gram vinyl on Rotterdam’s tonefloat presents a new wave of jazz label.

Andrew Lisle may be familiar to Safehouse regulars from his visits with Shatner’s Bassoon, who’ve shaken the panels of the Good Companion’s function room on a number of wonderful occasions.


Kodian Trio … blast through five tracks, mashing free improv clicks and clatters with free jazz-inspired hoots and hollers, all wrapped up in a waistcoat of gimlet-eyed punk attitude.
– Paul Margree, We Need No Swords


Jamie Sturrock: electric guitar and shakuhachi
James Parsons: drums
Alistair Strachan: cornet / electronics

Last seen performing in a wind-battered gazebo on Brighton’s East Beach for Burning of the Clocks on the winter solstice, this trio regroup for more tangential explorations.


Wildcard Quartet