In the Sea: Tristan Honsinger and Nicolas Caloia

Tristan Honsinger: cello
Nicolas Caloia: double bass

Tristan Honsinger is an American who has made his life in Europe and who has worked with most first generation improvising artists. He has played extensively with Derek Bailey and Evan Parker in the UK, Misha Mengelberg and Han Bennink in Holland, Peter Brotzman and Peter Kowald in Germany, and Cecil Taylor in the USA. He continues to tour and give workshops with the ICP orchestra. Tristan’s compositions are like a child’s drawing: awkward and touchingly simple, yet full of deeper meaning for those who want to see it.

The duo he forms with Nicolas Caloia is the result of a mixture of musical empathy and creative conflict. Tristan plays with characteristic daring from his reserves of readymade tune fragments and shards of poetry and into the protean unknown that is the foundation for the best group improvising.  Nicolas Caloia doesn’t merely follow him there, but provokes him in ways that are, by turns, subtle, assertive, and irreverent.

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Gus Garside: double bass and electronics
James Parsons: drums / percussion


The Wildcard Quartet


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