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Trevor Watts + Stephen Grew / Nothing Here is Perfect (film screening)

Since the 1960s Trevor Watts has been at the forefront of many innovations as a saxophone player, percussionist and composer. He is the only founder member of The Spontaneous Music Ensemble still left – other founder members were John Stevens & Paul Rutherford, and later members included Kenny Wheeler, Dave Holland, Evan Parker and Derek Bailey. His Amalgam group began in 1967 with bassist Barry Guy and trombonist Paul Rutherford, and he was a founder member of Barry Guy’s London Jazz Composers Orchestra. He was the instigator behind the Moire Music Group and The Drum Orchestra, which involved musicians from North and South Africa and Latin America. He has played with many great US jazz musicians, including Don Cherry, Archie Shepp, Steve Lacy, Kent Carter, Rashied Ali, Steve Swallow and Bobby Bradford.

Stephen Grew is a pianist and electronic keyboard player based in Lancaster UK. He is in several bands, Grutronic, an electronic improvising quartet, Grew quartet, an acoustic 4 piece, and also plays with violinist Graham Clark, drummer Tony Bianco and saxophonist Evan Parker.

Nothing Here is Perfect

Nothing Here is Perfect is an experimental documentary film about improvised music by Noah Payne-Frank. Featuring a cast of nearly 40 singers and players, fragments of sound and picture from more than a dozen performances at London’s Cafe Oto are woven into an entirely new creation. As the music ebbs and flows, a narrator tells a tale of discovery and resistance. These opaque melodies, performed with the conviction and fervour of worship, will never be perfect. Yet they offer safety and harmony in a frightening and chaotic world.

Featuring Evan Parker, Eddie Prévost, Mats Gustafsson, Thurston Moore, John Edwards, Peter Brötzmann, Chris Corsano, John Tilbury and many more.

Plus The Wildcard Quartet