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The Remote Viewers Trio: John Edwards, Adrian Northover and David Petts

Since their inception 20 years ago The Remote Viewers have released 14 albums of genre-defying music that melds free-improvisation with song form and suite-like compositions, and they conjure up an overall feeling of listening to a soundtrack to an as yet unmade film.

The group has been a mutable beast over the years, but saxophonists Adrian Northover and David Petts have been present as core members throughout. They are joined in the trio version of the group by John Edwards, whose energy and inventiveness on the double bass never fails to impress.

They have a new CD called Last Man in Europe that is released to coincide with this tour, and will be playing all new compositions on the night.

Bare Springs

Peter Pick: saxophone
Ade Fettucini: guitar / clarinet
Tom Roberts: bass
James Parsons: drums


The Wildcard Quartet

Gus Garside: double bass
Clive Craske: percussion
Al Strachan: cornet / electronics
Monty Oxymoron: piano / drums