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Shatner’s Bassoon + Bolide


Shatner’s Bassoon

“Partial to onstage sparks and explosions…”
Jez Nelson, BBC Jazz on 3

“the album release next year will be symptomatic of what freedom of thought and musical instinct can create”

John Toolan, Jazz Yorkshire

“the opening sentence of their press release – ‘Shatner’s Bassoon sound like nothing you have heard before’ – is (unusually) no exaggeration”
Chris Parker, London Jazz News

“Shatner’s Bassoon are funny without being silly and musically intricate without being introspective. Chris Morris would be proud.”
David Murphy



Bolide don’t actually sound like “six drunken tramps having a fight in a school music room cupboard” anymore, but it’d be a shame to let truth get in the way of a good simile. Here’s how they sound of late anyway…