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ergod duo, featuring Samuel Rodgers / PSANCK

Richard Scott – viola, mandolin, objects
Tapiwa Svosve – alto saxophone, objects
Samuel Rodgers – piano, objects

Richard and Tapiwa have been playing as a duo since they met in 2014 and have collaborated with a wide variety of musicians, individually and together, including Eddie Prévost, Phil Durrant, Christian Weber, Mark Sanders, Rachel Musson, William Parker, Hamid Drake, Carlo Costa, Silvan Schmid, Sarah Farmer, Joe Wright and Samuel Rodgers. Samuel has recorded Richard and Tapiwa playing together on two occasions, but this will be the first time they play as a trio.

ergod released their debut album, Macrotonality, on their own label, Physical Correlate, in December 2018.


Samuel Rodgers is an artist and musician whose practice encompasses performance, composition, installation and phonography. Working primarily with prepared piano and metal and glass percussion, Samuel’s performances explore a haptic relationship with materials, playing with the weighting, balance and micro-adjustment of objects and the consequent effect on the morphology of sound. Samuel is a member of contemporary music group the Set Ensemble, and co-curates the Consumer Waste record label.


Richard Scott is a musician and visual artist based in Birmingham, UK with interests in pattern, liminality and varying modes of perception and control. His musical activities are split between improvising, composing and performing contemporary scored music and playing traditional Scandinavian music for dance.


Tapiwa Svosve is a Swiss-Zimbabwean saxophonist living in Zurich. He plays various musics, with various people, and is a founding member of the Gamut Kollektiv. He holds a BA degree of music from the Zurich University of Arts, failed to live in London after a short period and started to make drawings again.



Kev Nickells: violin
Chris Parfitt: wind and electronics
Al Strachan: cornet, electronics and objects

PSANCK have released a CD through Chocolate Monk and are currently working on their second.

“Perambulations, hitherto: procedures of coping, or cobalted errata. Blanched mouldy harmonic relations. File under: improv, but your Mum might find it tolerable.”


Wildcard Quartet

Line-up coming soon