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Grassy Noel & APE

Tickets: https://www.wegottickets.com/event/469380

Grassy Noel & APE are a band that create improvised somewhat abstract cinematic sound-scapes with vocalisations.

They are often joined by guest musicians, most recently playing with the internationally renowned saxophonist Trevor Watts and wizard of the keyboards, Veryan Weston.

Their inspiration is often from the cinematic & literary world and are currently working on an album with Lu Edmonds as Sound Sculptor.

Grassy Noel – Vocalisations; has performed on radio shows with a huge array of poets, comedians, politicians & musicians from Mark Thomas to Lol Coxhill, Tony Benn to Jazzman John Clarke.

Big Mike Walter – Saxophones & Flutes has enormous experience playing in several bands and with several improvising musicians. Big Mike has spent many years playing with the Late, Great Saxophonist, Lol Coxhill.

Paul Shearsmith – Trumpet, Pipes, Percussion; Paul is one of the original improvised musicians in England and has spent many years playing and making instruments with the Legendary Echo City.

Keisukei Matsui – Guitar & Amplified Found Sounds. Keisuke Matsui has been in numerous improvised line-ups & bands and is currently playing with one of London’s most surreal bands, Fear Of Fluffing.

Mark Rathmell – Symphonic Sounds on IPad. Mark has spent years playing music in Japan and is also an amazing artist, actor & vocalist. He was part of the famous mash-up band known as the “WhoBoys” and is currently vocalist with Dismembered Sound Booth.


Simon Mclennan And Joshua Simpson

Simon Mclennan And Joshua Simpson – guitar and drums. Working together since 2012 in various guises the duo explore sonic/rhythmic and textural landscapes. Both members of the more structured trio Solid Birds Flying, they come together tonight to perform a fully improvised set.


Wildcard Quartet

Gus Garside – bass
Ron Caines – sax
Matt Finucane – guitar
Marc James Muir – voice