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Hannah Marshall / Alex Ward / David Birchall / Andrew Cheetham + Al Strachan / Paul Khimasia Morgan / Jules Arthur


A first-time combo featuring four of the best UK improvisors that have emerged in the last 20 years or so….

Alex Ward is a composer, improviser, and performing musician, working primarily with clarinet and guitar. His involvement in freely improvised music dates back to 1986, when he met the guitarist Derek Bailey. He subsequently took part regularly in Bailey’s Company events, and has gone on to become a major figure in British improvised music. His current work includes the avant-rock duo Dead Days Beyond Help, Item 10, and improvising collaborations both regular and ad-hoc with musicians including Steve Noble, Dominic Lash, Kay Grant, Joe Morris and Weasel Walter.

Hannah Marshall is a cellist who is continuing to extract, invent, and exorcize as many sounds and emotional qualities from her instrument as she can. She has been a regular member of Alexander Hawkins’ Ensembles and has toured in Europe and South America with Luc Ex and Veryan Weston’s ensembles – SOL 6 & 12. She plays with ‘String Terrorists’ – Barrel (a trio with Violinist Alison Blunt & Violist/poet Ivor kallin). And has been invited by Fred Frith and Suichi Chino in their residencies at café Oto. She also plays with Terry Day, Tim Hodgkinson, Roger Turner, Paul May, Kay Grant, and the London Improvisers Orchestra.

Drummer from Standish, Lancashire based in Manchester since 2004 with a special interest in improvisation. He appeared on numerous releases with free rock group Desmadrados Soldados de Ventura and offshoot duo Yerba Mansa. He plays and tours regularly with Irma Vep and has performed one-off gigs with Rhys Chatham, Damo Suzuki and others. He toured the UK with Nate Wooley (& H Trio) in 2018 and Alan Wilkinson (as a duo) in 2017.

David performs with many Manchester based/related improvisors including Sam Andreae, Andrew Cheetham, Otto Willberg, Greta Buitkute, THF Drenching, Richard Scott, Philip Marks, Adam Fairhall, Luke Poot, London based Colin Webster and Amsterdam native Rogier Smal. One-offs and random stage/studio collaborations have involved working with figures such as Marshall Allen, Rhys Chatham, Mick Beck, Phil Minton and Mark Sanders.

Al Strachan / Paul Khimasia Morgan / Jules Arthur

Al Strachan is a musician with a special interest in brass and electronics.  He has recorded with a wide range of artists over the last 20 years, resulting in numerous releases .  Along with song-based groups such as Hamilton Yarns and Chop Chop, he plays in a number of electro-acoustic improv outfits, such as Psanck.  As an organiser he is a key member of two notable arts collectives:  Lost Property and Safehouse.

Paul Khimasia Morgan is an improviser, currently working with acoustic guitar body, objects and electronics.  He runs The Slightly Off Kilter Label and Aural Detritus Recordings; imprints releasing new improvised music. He is also a curator of improvised music, live cinema and sound art-related events in St. Leonards and Brighton, UK under the banner aural detritus concert series.

Jules Arthur is a producer and classical pianist, viola player and synth obsessor.  His route to composition came through art: trained in sound art and installations at Oxford University, he went on to found the Beatabet Collective, a multidisciplinary coalition of artists, musicians, film-makers and dancers.  He also is the co-founder of Brighton’s coolest venue – the Rose Hill.

The Wildcard Quartet

Chris Parfitt: sax and wind instruments
Tim Sheinman: pedal steel guitar
Dave Allen: electric guitar
Clive Craske: percussion