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Jim Dvorak / Harrison Smith & John Butcher / Olie Brice


Jim Dvorak / Harrison Smith

Jim Dvorak: trumpet
Harrison Smith: 
tenor/soprano saxophones bass clarinet

Jim Dvorak has performed and recorded with ‘Brotherhood of Breath’, ‘District Six’ with Harrison Smith, ‘Dreamtime’, Louis Moholo’s ‘Dedication Orchestra’,  ‘Bardo State Orchestra’ with Tibetan monks, Phil Millers ‘In Cahoots’ , ‘Mama Quartetto’, bands led by Maggie Nicols, Elton Dean, Keith Tippet and projects with dance theatre company like ‘Kosh’ and poets including Eric Mingus

Harrison Smith has worked with the American pianist Marilyn Crispell, Chris McGregor, Eddie Prevost and has performed with such varied groups as South African inspired ‘District Six’, Barry Guy’s ‘London Jazz Composers Orchestra’, the much celebrated’ Free Jazz Quartet’ with Paul Rutherford and presently with ‘London Improvisers Orchestra’, and jazz groups ‘Dill Katz Quartet’ and the ‘Harrison Smith Quartet

John Butcher / Olie Brice

John Butcher is well known as a saxophonist who attempts to engage with the uniqueness of time and place. His music ranges through improvisation, his own compositions, multitracked pieces and explorations with feedback and unusual acoustics. Since the early 80s he has collaborated with hundreds of musicians – including Derek Bailey, Rhodri Davies, Andy Moor (EX), Phil Minton, Christian Marclay, Eddie Prevost, John Stevens’ SME, Gino Robair, Polwechsel, Mark Sanders, John Tilbury, and Okkyung Lee.

Olie Brice is an improvising double bassist. He leads two bands – a quintet that plays his original compositions and a freely improvising trio featuring Tobias Delius and Mark Sanders. He has also worked with musicians including Paul Dunmall, Tony Malaby, Steve Swell, Achim Kaufmann, Alex Ward and Ingrid Laubrock.