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Fourth Page + Lullula


Fourth Page

Fourth Page was formed in 2010 almost by accident on a sunny Spring afternoon in Surrey. The very first notes the band ever played together that day ended up on their debut album, ‘Along the Weak Rope’, which was released later that year. Two more albums followed for Forwind and the legendary Leo label over the next couple of years (along with a lot of gigs in churches).

The band’s unique and entirely improvised approach to song form has drawn comparisons to everyone from Schubert to David Sylvian, Paul Bley, Talk Talk and John Martyn, but in truth Fourth Page sound like no-one but themselves. Now, after a few years spent concentrating on other projects and collaborations (often with each other in various combinations) the quartet are back together.

This time the band’s sound is a little harder edged, more electric. Maybe this is a refection of the harder edged times we live in at the close of the decade, but at the heart of Fourth Page’s music there’s still a luminous, fragile beauty.

A new album ‘The Forest from Above’ is in the works, with live dates in the UK and Europe expected in the near future.

Charlie Beresford – guitar, voice
Carolyn Hume – keyboards
Peter Marsh – bass
Paul May – drums


Armorel Weston – voice
Kay Grant – voice
Jim Dvorak – trumpet & voice
Otto Willberg – double bass

This quartet of London-based musicians take their name from the woodlark Lullula, known for its heavenly song. The group use free improvisation to create a joyous and delightful sound, never complacent and full of surprises.

The Wildcard Quartet

Sara Jane Glendinning
Gus Garside
Ade Fetuccini

Adrian Northover / Matthias Boss / Maresuke Otamoto / Gus Garside / Marcello Magliocchi

Maresuke was born in Tokyo and started contrabass solo on Japanese jazz scene in 1982 while playing in Seikei University Orchestra. In this period he played with lots of Japanese improvisers and participated in New Jazz Syndicate. Currently he performs in the world improvised music scene in collaboration with musicians such as Audrey Chen, Carlos Zingaro, Emile Lesbros, Hugues Vincetn, Hui-Chun Lin, Ricardo Tejero, Terry Day, Tristan Honsinger and Wolfgang Georgsdorf.

MARCELLO MAGLIOCCHI: drums/percussion
Musical explorer, has performed and recorded in many and variated musical universes in addressing different languages such as jazz, the instant composition, live music for silent movies and more, interacting with the worlds of dance, theatre. Currently its rhythmic timbre research takes the form of sound experiences with musicians from around the world by participating or organizing different ensembles of improvisers, video materials, electronics. Since 1974 has worked in several projects (concerts, recordings, jam sessions etc) involving the most significant musicians of jazz and Italian artists and improvisers in the world scene as: Mal Waldron, Peter Kowald, Jim Dvorak, Steve Potts, Joelle Leandre, John Tchicai, Beniat Achiary, Carlos, Zingaro, Evan Parker, Michel Godard, Tom Varner, Harri Sjostrom, Sakis Papadimitriou, Kent Carter, William Parker, Adrian Northover, Daniel Thompson, Maresuka Okamoto, J.M.Van Schouwburg, Marcio Mattos and other guests ciiao

ADRIAN NORTHOVER: saxophones Played and recordings with B Shop for the Poor, The Remote Viewers, Sonicphonics (with Bully Bang), The London Improvisers Orchestra, Ensemble Trip-Tik, Ricardo Tejero, The Custodians, Sabu Toyozumi, Terry Day, Tristan Honsinger and JJ Duerinckx, duo CDs with Adam Bohman, Tasos Stamou, Daniel Thompson and others. Current project include ‘Hard Evidence’ with John Edwards and Steve Noble, playing the music of Thelonious Monk, Vladimir Millers Notes from the Underground, ‘Hogcallin’ – a septet playing the music of Charles Mingus and a trio with Marcio Mattos and Marilza Gouvea. This year (2016) has also seen collaborations with Neil Metcalfe (flute), Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg (voice), Vladimir Tarasov (drums, and Marcello Magliocchi (drums) and Daniel Thompson (guitar). Adrian is also involved with Indian music (Jazz Thali) and works with live music for film (Ensemble Kino)


Born in 1958 in Biel, Switzerland where he lives and dedicates himself to working with refugees and music. He studied at the University of Bern and lived in Milan during a period devoted to painting. He practices different artistic forms: music, writing, poetry, painting, sculptures (with selected objects sometimes found, to create ephemeral sculptures), associating them, passing from one to the other without borders. Matthias Boss has developed an extraordinary relationship with his violin. His play, anarchic, microtonal-tonal is influenced not only by music but also by other aspects of life, destruction-construction, way of being in the moment, places … He has a genuine ability to create associated with a remarkable sound projection. He has played throughout Europe in various projects (876 trio with Mr. Magliocchi and JM Van Schouwburg), L. Casserley, A. Northover, J. Demey, C. Zingaro, JP Viegas, S. Siegel, R. Del Piano, P. Gibbs among others.

GUS GARSIDE: double bass has worked in a variety of musical settings – jazz, contemporary music, rock, cabaret, dance, theatre and, most importantly, improvised music where he has performed with many leading players. As well as playing in many one off improvising or contemporary music situations he regularly performs in Arc (a string trio with Sylvia Hallett and Danny Kingshill), The Static Memories ( an electronic duo with Dan Powell) and the West Hill Blast Quartet, (a free jazz quartet with Ron Caines, Dan Spicer and Andy Pyne) . He also creates structured improvisational compositions including The Star Field, The Sleepwalkers (featuring 10 of the leading improvising string players in the UK –including Alison Blunt, Benedict Taylor, Marcio Mattos and David Leahy) and Collective Stories (a commission in Quebec with Grand Groupe Régional d’Improvisation Libérée).

Shatner’s Bassoon + Bolide

Shatner’s Bassoon

“Partial to onstage sparks and explosions…”
Jez Nelson, BBC Jazz on 3

“the album release next year will be symptomatic of what freedom of thought and musical instinct can create”

John Toolan, Jazz Yorkshire

“the opening sentence of their press release – ‘Shatner’s Bassoon sound like nothing you have heard before’ – is (unusually) no exaggeration”
Chris Parker, London Jazz News

“Shatner’s Bassoon are funny without being silly and musically intricate without being introspective. Chris Morris would be proud.”
David Murphy



Bolide don’t actually sound like “six drunken tramps having a fight in a school music room cupboard” anymore, but it’d be a shame to let truth get in the way of a good simile. Here’s how they sound of late anyway…

Tony Bevan / Paul Obermayer / Dominic Lash / Phillip Marks

Tony Bevan : Soprano, Tenor and Bass Saxophones, flute
Dominic Lash : Double Bass
Phillip Marks : Drums
Paul Obermayer : Electronics

A meeting of the ecstatic jazz of Sunny Murray saxophonist Tony Bevan and the industrial rumble of Furt/Barks Phillip Marks and Paul Obermayer, with Steve Reid bassist Dominic Lash holding the groove in the middle.  “Like a Sonny Rollins Trio in a tumble-dryer, or Maceo Parker with Kononos No. 1.”

Tony Bevan started playing soprano saxophone in the early 1970s, inspired by Captain Beefheart and Terry Riley. Lol Coxhill gave him his first lesson and a sense of the instrument’s potential. Subsequently Bevan has also taken up tenor and bass saxophones. In 1988 he played with Derek Bailey’s Company and issued his first CD on Incus. Bevan now runs his own Foghorn label, which has issued recordings of his work with John Edwards in Sunny Murray’s European trio and performances by Bruise, the quintet Bevan has run with Edwards, Mark Sanders, Orphy Robinson and Ashley Wales.

Dominic Lash is an Bristol based double bassist. Important long-term musical collaborators include Angharad Davies, Bruno Guastalla, Alexander Hawkins, Tim Hill, Steve Noble, Samantha Rebello, Pat Thomas, Philipp Wachsmann and Alex Ward. He has also performed with saxophonists John Butcher and Evan Parker and violinist Tony Conrad.

Phillip Marks and Paul Obermayer have collaborated for nearly twenty years in the electro-acoustic groove band bark!