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John Butcher: saxophone
Steve Beresford: keyboards, toys and electronics

John Butcher is known for his explorations in multiphonics on the saxophone, often playing in locations with extraordinary natural acoustics. Steve Beresford has been known as a central figure in the UK improv scene for four decades and for his international collaborations with the likes of John Zorn, Han Bennink, Anthony Braxton and others.

In this special end-of-year Safehouse show Steve and John will perform as a duo, but also individually with Safehouse members. The line-ups will be: John Butcher, Stuart Revill, Chris Parfitt, Ron Caines, Monty Oxymoron, Andy Pyne and Gus Garside; and in the other group: Steve Beresford, Tim Wood, Tony Gill, Alison Boston, Z*qhygoem, Clive Craske, Alasdair Willlis and Al Strachan.

Please note: it starts at 8pm sharp and finishes at 9.45pm