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Warrior Squares / Plurals / Simon Mclennan

Warrior Squares

Paul Gardner: electronics
Geoff Leigh: flute, sax & electronics
James Weaver: electronics
Nick Weekes: stick, bass & random objects


Warrior Squares have been making improvised music together since 2009 and are based in Hastings & St Leonards-on-Sea. They are currently putting the finishing touches to their first collection of studio recordings.

All members are often busy working on various other projects and collaborations. Geoff was a member of Henry Cow, has recently been in Japan playing with The Artaud Beats and also did a show with Makoto Kawabata of Acid Mothers Temple. Nick records as Ted Versicolor, plays bass with the band thismachine and has collaborated on a wide range of art, film and dance projects. Paul records as Idle Potentiate, hsk71 and The Astral Lodge. James records as Saxon Chambers, has co-written music for dance films and promotes the AxonoxA series of irregular events in St.Leonards-on-Sea.



Daniel W J Mackenzie: guitar / noise
Dave Hamilton-Smith: voice / objects

Plurals are an improv/noise/drone/psychedelic group formed in 2007 who build patiently layered frequencies into unnerving crescendos of volume. All performances and recordings are fully improvised, using guitar, synths and keys, vocals, tape machines, CB radio and various reed and stringed instruments.


Simon Mclennan

Two films by Simon Mclennan, with live soundtracking by Simon, Rebecca Askew and Paul Gardner.

Glass Flesh Kiss (Super 8 mm film, 2012, UK, Dir. Simon Mclennan)

“A series of automatic charcoal drawings of semi-abstract figures animated on super 8mm film. Recordings of speech reversed and cut up to produce a meaningless, yet recognisably human counterpoint to the movements and shapes on the film.”

Live soundtrack with improvising vocalist Rebecca Askew.

The Visitors (Super 8 mm film, 2012, UK, Dir. Simon Mclennan)

“An experimental documentary, edited in camera, depicting the sketch books and writings of the artist, in the context in which they were created i.e. the home of the artist.”



The Wildcard Quartet