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4thirtythree / Meshmass / Home From Home


Stuart Revill: guitar / loops / percussion
Tim Rancelant: sax / spoken word / percussion
Chris Parfitt: piano / sax/ flute / loops / percussion / voice

4thirtythree create instant compositions out of loops, snatches of spoken word and whatever else comes off the tops of their heads. Their debut album Switch was described as “refreshingly free of cliché, proudly non-idiomatic and actually kind of fun” by Daniel Spicer in Jazzwise magazine.


Peter Pick: saxophone
Richard Miles: electronics

Peter Pick and Richard Miles reconvene their longstanding collaboration in a new guise. Peter manipulates pre-recorded loops and plays alto sax and Richard plays various stringed instruments, some of which have had their frets cruelly removed. The combination, a mixture of unpredictable improvisation and selected nuggets from all over the place contrives to combine solidity with surprise.

Home From Home 

Mary Revill: voice
Stuart Revill: guitar

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