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Emil Karlsen + Garside/Jackson/Marzaioli/Nickells

Tickets: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/480929

Emil Karlsen

Emil Karlsen, originally from Norway, is a young drummer/improviser currently based in Leeds, UK. His playing highlights dynamics, timbre and textures, all done with an organic mindset. His work as improviser consists of doing both acoustic and electro-acoustic solo performances, working in ensembles spanning from duos to octets and beyond, exploring graphic scores with an interest in audio visuals using both digital and analogue medias, all done with a focus on creating boundary-pushing music. His mentality of exploring the sonic possibilities of the drum kit is brought into all of his projects forming his unique expression. Apart from being a busy performer, he also run the label noumenon – a label for improvised music with a Scandinavian presence.

“Emil Karlsen is an independently minded drummer whose playing balances organic looseness with a dynamic, propulsive energy”

– Paul Hession (UK)

“Emil is a wonderful young drummer/percussionist who plays with power, delicacy and originality”

– Mark Sanders (UK)


Gus Garside: double bass
Alan Jackson: homemade electronics
Maria Marzaioli: violin/voice
Kev Nickells: violin/oud/guitar

Wildcard Quartet

Peter Pick: saxophone
Marc James Muir: voice
Dave Allen: electric guitar
Al Strachan: cornet + electronics