Sue Lynch and Adam Bohman + In Threads


Sue Lynch: tenor saxophone, clarinet, flute

Sue Lynch currently runs The Horse Improvised Music Club with Adam Bohman, Hutch Demouilpied and Adrian Northover.  She has performed with Eddie Prevost, Hutch Demouilpied, Richard Sanderson, Steve Noble, Crystabel Riley, Caroline Kraabel, Sharon Gal and John Edwards . She has played internationally, including a recent set at Guess Who Festival in Urecht with pyschedelic Sudanese band The Scorpios,  as well as solo at Le Pied Nu Festival, France.

(Photo by Pierre Bouvier Patron)

Adam Bowman: objects / voice

Adam Bohman has been operating on the outer fringes of underground music for decades. Working with home-built instruments, found objects, tape cut-ups, collages, ink drawings and graphic scores. Favouring acoustic sounds over electronics, he explores the minute tendrils of sounds coaxed from any number of non-musical instruments and objects. He is a member of British experimental groups, Morphogenesis, The Bohman Brothers, Secluded Bronte, and The London Improvisers Orchestra. Adam’s music is unique and experimental, incorporating Fluxus japery, musique concrete, sound poetry and free improvisation.

In Threads

In Threads is the improvising trio of James Parsons on drums, Verity Spott on cello and Daniel Spicer on winds, strings and things.  They have a new album on vinyl called Orange Justice out on Eyeless Records later this year.


The Wildcard Quartet

Alan Jackson: self-built instruments
Kev Moore: electronics
Z*qhygoem: guitar/electronics/voice
JayBee: electric guitar

Fourth Page (Carolyn Hume, Charlie Beresford, Paul May, Pete Marsh) + Bare Springs

Fourth Page

Fourth Page was formed in 2010 almost by accident on a sunny Spring afternoon in Surrey. The very first notes the band ever played together that day ended up on their debut album, ‘Along the Weak Rope’, which was released later that year. Two more albums followed for Forwind and the legendary Leo label over the next couple of years (along with a lot of gigs in churches).

The band’s unique and entirely improvised approach to song form has drawn comparisons to everyone from Schubert to David Sylvian, Paul Bley, Talk Talk and John Martyn, but in truth Fourth Page sound like no-one but themselves. Now, after a few years spent concentrating on other projects and collaborations (often with each other in various combinations) the quartet are back together.

This time the band’s sound is a little harder edged, more electric. Maybe this is a refection of the harder edged times we live in at the close of the decade, but at the heart of Fourth Page’s music there’s still a luminous, fragile beauty.

Their new album ‘Live Wales – Hungary’ is out now. You can listen below or buy it here on LEO records.

Charlie Beresford – guitar, voice
Carolyn Hume – keyboards
Peter Marsh – bass
Paul May – drums

Bare Springs

Tom Roberts: bass guitar, keyboard
Ade Fettucini: guitar, things
James Parsons: drums
Peter Pick: saxophones